Monday, 11 April 2011

Tutorial Images

Here's a rather mixed bag of tutorial images that I have managed to get done, I worked on the ones which I thought would relate to my project more over others, more interesting tutorials from each subject.I haven't managed to complete all tutorials but will do soon. 

The tutorials that I enjoyed most included learning how to model appropriately for games. As I done games design at college and had some prior information on the subject, it was good to finally learn how it is actually done and where to apply detail to the areas needed. Other interesting tutorials which I believe I will get most use out of is the normal map and lighting tutorials. Learning how to normal map helped me out a great deal during the project as it meant I didn't have to labour a large section of time making sure the bump maps worked accurately, and on the side of the lighting tutorials, the mental ray sun/global illumination and portal lights were a hit and miss when it came to using them in my project. I followed the tutorials but applied them to what I had done, so maybe there a lesson learnt, finish the tutorials using the supplied scenes then apply to project work. I think the most fun tutorial worked on so far has to be the gold ball. There was a certain satisfaction in watching the mud drop off the ball once the tutorial was completed. As mentioned earlier, I will go back and complete the missing tutorials, apologies for that.

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