Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - The Beginning

Okay, so its time to kick off the new project titled 'Models & Metaphors', after a much needed and enjoyable break over Easter. I plan to stay more 'on top' of this project as it is only 5 weeks long. I started off okay during Transcription, i met the deadlines which i had set myself and worked to a timetable, although during the transition from pre-production to production around week 5, i slowly started to sail adrift. So far during this project I have been creating ideas and sketching a few of them down whilst listening to the given soundscapes. A majority of the ideas seem to be wacky and random enough for the given topic, but since the tutorial yesterday, it has become clear that I still need to spend some time further developing ideas and placing them into context.

Over Easter i had a brainstorming session with an old friend Adam Mcevoy, who currently runs a a skate team and his brand 'Drawing Boards' whom of which he does all the art work for. You can follow his blog here and view his website and online portfolio here. He has always had an inspiring style and view on the world, which tends to be quite wacky, so i felt he was the man for the job. There were many possibilities and ideas that came out of the session, some of which included; a tree with the given 'topic' apples, tribal dancing to a 'topic' god, 'topic' shaped buildings, a valley of 'topic' shaped flowers, the idea of love for example the number meeting the letter, and flying 'topics'. Some of them more bland than others, and some of which may have been done before. But i felt it was a nice way to get into the swing of the project and develop an idea.   

Below are some pages from the sketchpad of some quick drawings that I have done whist developing ideas. So far im in favour of the top image as I feel as though there is something quite interesting to work with, but a lot more development will be needed to finalise an idea. I will shortly post some of my ideas with some context, and hopefully will have finalised one.

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