Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Character Development 05

Here's a rough idea of what the colour scheme for the character will look like. Unfortunately i managed to save over my working PSD file for the colour scheme so i was unable to add in some shadows and high lights, however i don't think it looks too bad without. I have used three tones of purple for the character, the 'proper' purple which features on the logo will be used for the mask, cloth, and stick on the scepter, a light shade of purple for the skin, and a mid tone shade of purple for detailing such as the feathers, facial expressions, and the stone within the scepter. Then all the extra detailing such as the body markings will be in white. As you can see i have begun to experiment with the face by adding in markings made of the logo, more of this will be developed soon, as well as an expression sheet.

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