Thursday, 12 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Character Production 01

Production has begun! I'm quite happy with the progress of my character so far, as this is the first of my own characters which i am modelling it is proving to be a tad more difficult than i imagined. Also it does not help that im am using ortho sketches which do not line up. I boxed in the torso and then the arm, legs, and a mask to help gather a sense of scale and proportion, i then went in and done the same with the hands a feet.

From my designs it was clear that this character will be quite blocky and out of proportion. Modelling a torso is hard enough, but then modelling a torso which has squared edges and features on purpose has proven to be difficult, although i feel as though i have done quite well. Stage one of the torso modelling process was to gather shape and block in the features, then stage two was to re-work the topology of the character so the character will animate well. All that is left for modelling the torso will be to add in the belly button, and sculpt some minor changes.  

As the uni network decided to go down as i was working on my torso, i was unable to recover it that night so i could carry on with the modelling progress. This was a minor set back as it meant i had to move on from that part of the character and work on something else. So by doing so i ended up with a near complete foot, i started off by blocking in the shape of the foot, then re-worked to topology and sculpted the shape of the toes to achieve the desired effect of  square-ish character. Some additions to the foot will be needed, such as the toe nails, add some edge loops to aid in animation, but other than that the foot is near completion.

So far the modelling process of this character has been quite enjoyable, and a nice change from environment work. I look forward to finishing off the modelling stage, and then moving into laying out the UV's and the skinning process :/ 

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  1. Hey Rich,

    Great to see this guy materialising.

    Drop me an email when you get a second - I've got a proposition for you!