Monday, 16 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Character Production 02

Some nice development made recently. I have left the torso for now, and have been working primarily on the hands, feet, and legs. As you can see i have further developed the feet by adding in toe nails and some bumps above the toes to further shape them. I have also modelled some hands following the same principles as the feet so the fingers are squared like the toes. Adding in the nails proved to be quite time consuming, as i needed to work out the geometry flow and a way of making them feel placed on the fingers and toes, but i feel as though it was worth the time spent on them as they really help finish of the look of the hand. Its these minor details which are often forgotten that i will be adding to the character to make him feel more human and believable as a character.  As well as this i have been modelling the groin area and working on the loin cloth, which still needs to be developed much more. I plan to be skinning the character tomorrow so hopefully the character will be finished in time. 


  1. Coming round yours this evening; can give you a hand with some areas if you want.

  2. As a preamble to that, here's what's bugging me.
    Is he meant to be rigid or natural/organic? Right now it reads as both, and that's a problem. I think you should push for a more stylised rigid type deal. For that you should use tight loops right next to each other to make tight seams in certain places. Example on the pams of the hands, you could have deep ridges in there instead o the smooth ones you have. I'll show you what I mean when i'm there. Looking good regardless btw.