Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Character Production 03

Quite a large jump in the production stage of this character. Over the last couple of days i have been working to have the modelling stage of this character finished by tonight, however this has not happened as i have ran into problems on the way to its completion, but it is indeed very close. Some of the main problems that i faced included modelling the loin cloth, the shoulder topology, and stitching the torso and the legs together. But on a more positive side of the modelling process i have modelled the character accessories; such as the scepter and the wrist band, modelled the loin cloth which i shall  animate with ncloth, and have began to model the mask.

The next stage of this character will be to finish of the modelling process by tomorrow, and then move on the add the joints and skin the character. This shouldn't be too difficult as the character is pretty simple, although i this will be the first time of skinning a character outside of the tutorials. 

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