Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Character Production 04

After completion of the modelling stage, i ran into a few problems within the skinning process. All of which are fixed now with great thanks to Shabs and Alan, and I'm happy to say that the skinning process is complete. I have also laid out the UV's so the model is ready to be textured, and then rigged ready for animation. This has been a far harder process than expected, but at the same time a very rewarding one, as i have learnt the ins and outs of creating a character.

Creating the joints and binding the character took a longer amount of time than anticipated, but the extra amount of time spent making sure the joints and geometry stretched properly was worth it. Whilst creating the joints i managed to miss one out and parent them together incorrectly so this meant i had to spend even more time correcting these problems, which if Alan wasn't there to help with, i would most probably still be doing now. I have also spent some time using nDynamics on the loin cloth to make the material move like cloth, below is a test shot of how it looks, which i am pretty happy with. Whilst binding the character i animated the joints so it was easy to see the deformation, sadly i managed to delete all the animation before play blasting the final binded character, however i do have a play blast of the process around half way through. Now its time to rig the character, and post some work on the 'Easter Island-esque' statue.

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