Friday, 27 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - Finishing Up

Here it is, the finishing up post of the Models & Metaphors project and our last project of the year. I say this is the finishing up project, but as I still have more work to do on this project as well as the Transcription project, more is yet to come. Overall this project has been a very joyful experience, I have bagged new skills and am feeling more confident overall in Maya now. From the go point of this project it was clear to me that I wanted to base it on a character and follow through the character creation pipeline. So I am happy that I managed to complete the pipeline for the first character of my own, although some minor improvements will need to be done. However, I am not so happy that I did not manage to complete the sting and see my character in all its glory. I think some more time management and delegations would have as I spent a majority of my five weeks working on the character as a posed to the whole animation. Below is the Making Of document and character turn around that i presented today, as well as some other bits and pieces that needed to be blogged.

Disc Cover

Models & Metaphors Making Of

Posed Character Ambient Occlusion Pass

Posed Character Colour Pass

Posed Character Comp

Character + Statue Ambient Occlusion Pass

Character + Statue Colour Pass

Character + Statue Comp

Im prettty happy with the final outcome of the above image, however some more development will be needed in preperation for the submission, for example a more white back ground, a more developed ground plane, and some nice positioning of the statues (with the possibility of adding in rocks and the odd clump of grass).

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