Thursday, 5 May 2011

Models & Metaphors - The Idea's

So far all of the ideas that I have managed to come up with all seem to be quite random and out of context, with none of them having any sort of reasoning. When I started this project I knew that I would like to have seen my self modelling a simple character, with some sort of random animation advertising the channel. I have one idea in particular that I see myself taking forward, although I am struggling to make it happen.

Idea 01:

The puppet master. This was one of my initial responses to the soundscapes, and is the idea which I quite like. The premise of this idea is a tribal masked aboriginal type character laughing whilst controlling some 'Models & Metaphors' characters. This idea is within response to the 'Afro' soundscapes, as the music is quite tribal and there is an overwhelming laugh in the background. There are multiple variations to this character; such as the puppets on the end of the strings are smaller chunks of one larger puppet, where at the end of the animation they are combined through the use of camera movement. An example of this being in 'The Incredibles' and the underwater cave kronos where the name is written on the wall. Another variation of this idea was to have the tribal mask character sacrificing the 'Models & Metaphors' characters, and then after a large burst of purple flames the roles have been reversed, its now the 'Models and Metaphors' characters sacrificing the tribal masked character. 

Idea 02:

A simple and random idea of a still camera and a gold fish in its bowl. The gold fish looks worried, and then out of its mouth comes a 'Models and Metaphor' logo. I like the simplicity and quirkiness of this idea.

Idea 03:

An apple tree, but instead of apples there are 'Models & Metaphors' logos. An apple drops from the tree and a squirrel scutters over take the apple. I quite like the simplicity of this idea, and its opportunity to look very clean and cartoon like.

Idea 04:

Russian dolls, a simple idea of some purple patterned Russian dolls popping out in a line moving towards the camera, and then on the end Russian doll, the 'Models & Metaphors' logo pops out. 

Idea 05:

An camera pans down and alley way of some sort, moving left to right on a 2d axis, as the camera comes to the end of the dirty and cluttered alley way there is a, clean out of place bill board with the logo on it. I think this idea has opportunity for some nice environment work, as well a nice opportunity to experiment with was style and era the bill board at the end will look like. For example it could be something of an Asian influence, or could be something of an Medieval influence. Or the bill board could not be out of place at all and just have a flickering light. 

Idea 06:

A worship to a 'Models & Metaphors' statue which will be perceived as a good like figure, and will be worshipped by a group of letters and numbers which make up the logo. Again this idea could be quite tribal and jungle themed.

Idea 07:

A valley of 'Models & Metaphors'. Everything will be themed to match the logo, and will be a very happy and positive place. The sun will be shining, there will be flying logos with rainbows and very nature based. I can imagine this idea being very camp and very kitsch, and quite similar to the work shown to us by our visiting lecturer from Picasso Pictures.

I think that's all of the more developed ideas, now its time to pick an idea and take it to the next stage. Any thoughts an opinions to which ones people could see working would be great.

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