Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Models & Metaphors - Maya Tutorials

Here is the majority of the maya tutorials set to us for the models & metaphors project, unfortunately i was unable to complete a select few of the tutorials, such as the match moving and the leg part of the high res character tutorials, all of which i shall complete in the near future. This units tutorials have been very interesting to learn as they included new skills, as well as strengthening some of prior knowledge. In particular the nCloth tutorials were of great help during my project as i needed to animate the loin cloth of my character, but i found the most interesting tutorial to be the static shot, as learning the process of match moving and lighting via render layers will be very helpful in future projects.

Match Moving - Static Shot

Environment Shadow Cast

Beauty Pass

Object Shadow Cast

Window Reflection

Orrery Reflection
Final Comp
High Res Character Modelling

Dynamics - Active/Passive Bodies, Soft Bodies, nCloth

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