Sunday, 5 June 2011

Transcription Continued - Bus WIP 01

After a much needed break, Ive picked up where i left off on the transcription project. As it needs to be completed by the end of June, i feel as though i have a fair amount of time to finish it to a great standard. Ive started by working on the props within the scene and working out simple but effective ways of creating destruction. Tonight i have worked on the bus which will be placed within the scene, i plan on modelling the bus as a whole first, then going in and modelling the destruction of the bus afterwards. This allows me to work on my modelling skills, and also gives me some parts of geometry that i can use for rubble around the bus. The bus is pretty much complete, all that is left to finish the model will be to model the roof, wheels, and minor details.

Also i found some great videos HERE on creating destruction, hard surface modelling and texturing.


  1. Interesting that you're modelling it all as seperate models. Just remember that integration is key. By this I mean that you have these models pentrating one another which will look pretty aweful in renders. You can lower that issue using Ambient Occlusion, or you just model the pieces so they dont intersect, and give them some thickness; so that they just sit realistically next to one another. This way the shadows can fall into the groove and it will feel a lot more realistic.

  2. Hey Jon, i didnt really think about renders or shadows to be honest. I just modelled it with the intentions of destroying it, so i thought modelling in pieces would have been the way forward.