Saturday, 11 June 2011

Transcription Continued - Living Room WIP 01

Moving on from the bus for the time being, i have started to re-work the living room. So far i have focused on creating the hole in the ceiling. I felt as though the ceiling previously was missing something, and was probably to worse part of the room, so now i have started to add a hole on the ceiling which would have been caused by the attack. I feel it also adds more dynamic to the room and should make it more interesting on the eye. This also means that i will be able to add in more rubble, and some dust particles. 

To finish off the hole in the ceiling, i will add in some broken wires/cables, parts of wood and rubble hanging down from the ceiling, some planes with textured wall paper/plaster hanging around the edge of the hole to make the hole seem as though it has been torn through, and some cracks running along the ceiling. As well as this i will also need to add some basic geometry the room above, to make it seem more believable.

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