Saturday, 30 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Bus WIP 06

Tiny update, just a bit more detailing within the texturing. Looking pretty good now, and should look some what more realistic with a bump map applied.

Bus Model: Teturing, Colour + Ambient Occlusion
Bus Model: Teture Detail, Colour + Ambient Occlusion

Friday, 29 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Bus WIP 05

A textured bus. Well the first pass of texture anyway, some more passes of dirt will be needed. I'm really pleased with the outcome of the bus so far, however there have been some minor setbacks. Namely accidentaly saving over my colour working file PSD then having Photoshop crash on me :( I may have lost the ease of using layers and cannot take away from the texture, but I'm happy with it so its okish in the end. Below is the model with a colour map and some rather crude lighting. The next stage will be to  finish the colour then apply some bump/normal maps.

Bus Model: Colour Map + Ambient Occlusion

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Exterior Set WIP 02

Me thinks this wall is a bit bare, any suggestions? Also i added in some more detailing on the ground texture to make the scene looked more destroyed. Overall i think the scene is working pretty well so far, some minor hitches that need to be fixed, but i think the scene is holding its detail well.

Exterior Set - Beauty + Ambient Occlusion: Ground texture

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Exterior Set WIP 01

Quick update on the exterior set, spent the majority of the day texturing the ground and rubble. The ground still needs more work, for example some cracks and destruction. The back ground buildings are pretty much textured, however some minor changes are still needed before placement. The next stage will be to finish off the ground texture, then i plan on texturing the left shop.

Exterior Set - Beauty + Ambient Occlusion: Ground/Rubble Texture

Transcription Continued - Living Room WIP 03

Back to the interior living room, its pretty much finished now it just needs its finishing touches, for example some of the texturing needs work on the walls, the glass, and the wood. However I'm pretty darn happy with what i have managed to achieve so far. For the most part the transition in the room has been the massive hole in the ceiling, which now textured looks pretty good. I spent some time working on the ceiling texture, as previously was the worst part of the scene. To finish off the scene the environment needs to be far more dusty, textures need tweaking, and for some reason the lighting within the scene has been adjusted, even though i haven't added any more lights, weird. Im liking the recent progress of this project now, and for the most part to finish the project i need to adjust render settings, textures and post effects.

Living Room - Beauty + Ambient Occlusion + Ceiling/Rubble Texture.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Lighting WIP 02

Moving along now, the exterior lighting is in place, but i realised the rim lights should be put in place after the textures have been applied. Ive also started to experiment with the sky and how it will affect the lighting of the scene.To add colour to the scene i have used two area lights with a redish tint, this will be used to show the glow of fire which might be animated to flicker. I think the sky is working, and serves for the overall colour pallet, although I'm now wondering how i should produce some movement in the clouds so the scene does not appear too static.

Exterior Lighting WIP set-up; ray trace shadows, Ambient Occlusion, colour area lights, bus rim light, sky.
Exterior Scene Set-up

Friday, 8 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Lighting WIP 01

Now the scene is pretty much in place, with a high majority of the modelling done, i have now moved on to light the exterior part of the environment. As this is the first exterior environment that i have produced, it is also the first that i had a chance to light. Initially the plan was to render in mental ray and use the physical sun and portal lights, how ever this did not go to plan so i switched back to software renders and the basic 6 Maya lights. So far its pretty much been a trial and error run, with some good results and some bad. Thinking back to my concept art i produced during the transcription project, i knew how i wanted the scene to be, it was just a matter of producing it. Initially i started use and area light behind the camera at the far end of the scene, a spot light to act as the moon and a directional light for shadows and high lights. I was also using depth map shadows to match the interior shadows, but came across problems and realised the interior lighting in real life would differ from the exterior. In the end i decided to dispose of this lighting set up and start fresh, i done so by using a directional light in the four main directions, and used one of them for shadows. I also decided to use ray trace shadows which would allow for a higher sense of realism but are far more render expensive. The lighting set-up is not complete but it closer to what i would like to achieve, I now need to add in some colour and rim lights.

Concept Art.
Initial set-up; ambient, spot, directional light.
Final WIP set-up; directional lights, depth map shadows + Ambient Occlusion.
Final WIP set-up; directional lights, ray trace shadows + Ambient Occlusion.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Living Room WIP 02

Moved back to the living room now, Ive dressed the scene with all the rubble and props, and have pretty much finished the hole in the ceiling. Perhaps some parts of the ceiling could be hanging down, but ill work on that in time. I believe the living room will be finished now after the texturing of the rubble, as the flickering light and dust particles will be added in post. Also don't worry about the rather uniform line of rubble as the buildings front wall will be in place. I'm pretty happy with the out come of the placement for the living room, as when the camera pans back, the viewer first will notice the crooked painting, followed by the flickering light, and then the knocked down chair and rubble. Which will then be followed by the destroyed window and exterior.

Transcription Continued - Bus WIP 04 / Set Dressing WIP 01

Haven't updated the blog in a while, its been a busy few couple of weeks but Ive still been working on the transcription project. The majority of the set is now in place with all objects UV's laid out and ready to be textured, half of which have been done. I grew bored of texturing so decided to dress the set so i could set up the lighting ready for the bump and spec maps. I also went back to finish of the bus by destroying it and laying out the UV's, for the most part it was a case of breaking up the geometry and adjusting the vertices's, but i also had to model a few bus seats and a steering wheel to fill the bus interior, as well as this i also had to model the interior panels of the bus to fill the bus side panels.

Theres still a few things that need doing set dressing wise, for example the shop windows need props, some smashed glass, and some more bits and bobs around the foreground. I also need to fill in the space behind the windows else where, and add some more rubble around the bus and finish off the living room area. After completion of dressing the set i will then move onto light the scene finish texturing.