Monday, 4 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Bus WIP 04 / Set Dressing WIP 01

Haven't updated the blog in a while, its been a busy few couple of weeks but Ive still been working on the transcription project. The majority of the set is now in place with all objects UV's laid out and ready to be textured, half of which have been done. I grew bored of texturing so decided to dress the set so i could set up the lighting ready for the bump and spec maps. I also went back to finish of the bus by destroying it and laying out the UV's, for the most part it was a case of breaking up the geometry and adjusting the vertices's, but i also had to model a few bus seats and a steering wheel to fill the bus interior, as well as this i also had to model the interior panels of the bus to fill the bus side panels.

Theres still a few things that need doing set dressing wise, for example the shop windows need props, some smashed glass, and some more bits and bobs around the foreground. I also need to fill in the space behind the windows else where, and add some more rubble around the bus and finish off the living room area. After completion of dressing the set i will then move onto light the scene finish texturing.

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