Friday, 8 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Lighting WIP 01

Now the scene is pretty much in place, with a high majority of the modelling done, i have now moved on to light the exterior part of the environment. As this is the first exterior environment that i have produced, it is also the first that i had a chance to light. Initially the plan was to render in mental ray and use the physical sun and portal lights, how ever this did not go to plan so i switched back to software renders and the basic 6 Maya lights. So far its pretty much been a trial and error run, with some good results and some bad. Thinking back to my concept art i produced during the transcription project, i knew how i wanted the scene to be, it was just a matter of producing it. Initially i started use and area light behind the camera at the far end of the scene, a spot light to act as the moon and a directional light for shadows and high lights. I was also using depth map shadows to match the interior shadows, but came across problems and realised the interior lighting in real life would differ from the exterior. In the end i decided to dispose of this lighting set up and start fresh, i done so by using a directional light in the four main directions, and used one of them for shadows. I also decided to use ray trace shadows which would allow for a higher sense of realism but are far more render expensive. The lighting set-up is not complete but it closer to what i would like to achieve, I now need to add in some colour and rim lights.

Concept Art.
Initial set-up; ambient, spot, directional light.
Final WIP set-up; directional lights, depth map shadows + Ambient Occlusion.
Final WIP set-up; directional lights, ray trace shadows + Ambient Occlusion.


  1. Hey Richard,
    time to get this bad boy finalised, its coming along really well. Well done.

  2. Cheers, will do. Its wrapping up quite nicely.