Monday, 4 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Living Room WIP 02

Moved back to the living room now, Ive dressed the scene with all the rubble and props, and have pretty much finished the hole in the ceiling. Perhaps some parts of the ceiling could be hanging down, but ill work on that in time. I believe the living room will be finished now after the texturing of the rubble, as the flickering light and dust particles will be added in post. Also don't worry about the rather uniform line of rubble as the buildings front wall will be in place. I'm pretty happy with the out come of the placement for the living room, as when the camera pans back, the viewer first will notice the crooked painting, followed by the flickering light, and then the knocked down chair and rubble. Which will then be followed by the destroyed window and exterior.


  1. This is looking good Rich.

    How about dirtying the wallpaper a touch more though?

  2. Hey Tom, will do. It does look a bit fresh.