Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Transcription Continued - Living Room WIP 03

Back to the interior living room, its pretty much finished now it just needs its finishing touches, for example some of the texturing needs work on the walls, the glass, and the wood. However I'm pretty darn happy with what i have managed to achieve so far. For the most part the transition in the room has been the massive hole in the ceiling, which now textured looks pretty good. I spent some time working on the ceiling texture, as previously was the worst part of the scene. To finish off the scene the environment needs to be far more dusty, textures need tweaking, and for some reason the lighting within the scene has been adjusted, even though i haven't added any more lights, weird. Im liking the recent progress of this project now, and for the most part to finish the project i need to adjust render settings, textures and post effects.

Living Room - Beauty + Ambient Occlusion + Ceiling/Rubble Texture.

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  1. hey man...loving the progress since I saw last night :) Looks sexual hehe...If there's anythin texture wise i think you could tweak...i think maybe the wallpaper colour...where it has worn's still very saturated. I'd add patche's of washed out colour perhaps? just to add wear'n'tear...That ceiling is truly looking badass...the picture frames feel to 'light' as though there illuminated also i think...the pop from the scene too much...just my opinion :) well done though dude:)