Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Green Octopus

A side from finishing of my other project, work has officialy begun for mine and my co founder of Green Octopus Sam Hayes minor project. Together we will be working to complete a narrative based animation under the company of Green Octopus. Below is the first draft of our company logo, its pretty much there with some minor changes to come. As you can see were aiming for a more colourful and joyous company over the rather dark and drab cg aestetic that appears to be everywhere (my template being a prime example). It will be a tough 20 weeks, of which you an follow ours progress HERE. The blog is underconstruction so will soon look more impressive, enjoy :)


  1. If the Octopus is green, they why is it black? :p

  2. hey Rich - Tom has a point...

    meanwhile, I'm not ignoring your email; I'll respond tonight!

  3. HaHa good point. We'll sort it out soon.