Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Environment Thumbnails #01

Here's a page of thumbnails for the environment of the animation, as you can see there are some reoccurring patterns which i guess will be pushed forward. Producing these thumbnails was a good way to get over ideas and release ideas out of the mind and onto paper. Most of these are sketches of inside the town, but what i would like to also do is get an idea of the town from a distance, some varied building shapes/detailing, the towns energy source, and some drone silhouettes. 

Environment Thumnails #01


  1. Develop that bottom right one Rich, that would be a great piece of concept art...lots of glowing signs will create some awesome lighting

  2. agreed!

    hey Rich - an appeal to your philanthropic side!

    As you may have seen, I'm looking for some mentors for year one and I was hoping you might consider throwing your hat into the ring. It would consist of you blog-watching maybe 2 or 3 blogs a little more regularly, responding to any @Rich 'Maya Help' stuff etc., and, perhaps more importantly, encouraging best practice in terms of blogging, presentation, drawing, modelling - basically being an encouraging, but very proffessionalised spectator. I don't think it would be too arduous - really no more than people comfortable with blogging and peer-assessment are doing automatically when they see something they like or that they want to challenge. Anyway - let me know - via an email Cheers!