Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fact To Fiction

After a rather helpful talk with Alan, he pointed out to us that for every piece of Sci-Fi work, there needs to be a fact that lays underneath it, which is exactly what we needed. As our idea comprises the oriental east, with the gritty west, we needed something to give reason for this and our overall animation. How we did not see it before i do not know (as it matches our setting perfectly), the Chinese rail road workers of the 1860's will be the fact underlying out fiction.

Chinese Rail Road Workers Image 01
Chinese Rail Road Workers Image 02

With the knowledge that Chinese men emigrated to America to help build the 'Pacific Rail Road', this gives us the underlining fact which we can then turn into fiction with our industrial based oriental western environment. To further develop our idea, some extensive visual research will be needed to allow us to design accurate concept art, and an accurate environment to match the time. Below are some great images which show China around the late 1800's. As you can see their architecture has a set of rules which we must follow, and to our advantage they seemed to design there buildings in a rather constricted manor, with all there buildings being quite tight and close together. I can see these being transcribed into a wester environment very well.

Also on a side note, i found these images which better show the environment in which the town will be set in. There is also a great opportunity to use them as a plate in a matte painting within the pre-production stage of our animation.

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