Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Self Initiated Project - Final Idea

For the last week of this project me and Sam have been working towards finalising an idea and script for our project. The idea has changed forwards and backwards through the week but im glad to say we are at the final idea now. Initially we intended to create a large scale oriental inspired western environment, this was fine and had been green lighted by Phil and Alan. We decided to add the element of the drone as a character in our animation exploring the environment, as apposed to having a camera fly through, which we felt would have been quite boring. However, after some further discussions with Phil, it was clear that the drone character took away from our initial ambition of creating an environment, and in turn made the project feel quite confusing, to us and the viewer. Would it be a narrative based project with a poor story and epic environment, or would it be a camera fly through with epic environments? So, we are now back to the beginning, with a basic and clear idea with what we want to produce for out minor project. Which put simply, will be a large scale environment with 5 or 6 camera fly throughs showing the environment.

Below we have the inital project proposal as presented to Alan on last fridays turorial, which environment wise still exists, however the character and camera will not. 

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