Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Third Year Begins...

Today was the official start of our third year, and with an idea in place for the 'Self Initiated Project' its full steam ahead. As mentiond before i am collaborating with Sam Hayes, with an initial idea of creating a short based on Frankenstein. However times have changed and we are now working towards creating an environment based animation with oriental, western, and sci-fi influences. So far together we have worked out an idea and have started to visualize it via influence maps, along with a branded company. The next step within the pipeline of creating our animation will be to put the pen on paper and create our world, but not forgeting a rather vital step within the pipeline, being to finalise a script.

Initial synopsis of our idea:

An oriental western environment with an added Sci-Fi element: The environment, being the main focus of the project, would be explored by a character rather than a camera fly through. The environment would comprise aesthetics of oriental countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand etc. and their ancient architecture. This would then be placed in a classic western environment for its harsh dessert land. Within this setting there would be a deserted industrial town which would contain an exhausted power source. The character, being the secondary focus of the project, will be a mechanical drone on a search mission for an object within the town. The drone will be alien to the town, but will belong to the same world.

This will be further developed, with a presentation ready for our official proposal on Friday.

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  1. Hey Hey Mentor, Im Jamie! just thought I would comment on your influence maps because it really stuck out to me! I love some of your influences and they look outstanding and I look forward to seeing what you produce, although you may have considered these I was thinking about the game borderlands, they have some pretty outlandish western moments in there you may be interested in, anyway! look forward to speaking to you when I see you, cheers :)