Monday, 31 October 2011

Thumbnail Street

Using some of the thumbnail sketches i have previously done, i lined them up into a street and quickly painted over them. Although it has a very toon like style, it some what helps further show the world in which we will be creating. 

Thumbnail Street Sketch

Thumbnail Street Paint

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sound Track Development #02

In response to our art work and reference videos, this secondary sound test produced really starts to push in the same direction. Im really happy with this piece so far, so i look forward to whats coming next. Our next stage will be to produce a basic pre-vis of the town and match some camera shots to the sound test.

Sound Track Development #01

Here's the initial sound test for our animation. Zack produced this before his briefing, using our blogs as a direction for the project. As you can hear its more arabic than chinese, so some more devlopment within finding the right sound will be needed. However a good starting point for the infusion of eastern and western sound.

Town Concept Art

I wanted to do a quick concept to aid in the understanding of what our town will look like as a whole, initially this was supposed to be a couple of hours matte painting, but as i got into it i felt it had the potential to be resolved a bit further. This concept pretty much represents what the town will look like, with some minor changes sure to come. On a side note - some initial soundtrack has been developed, a post to come soon.

Town Concept
Concept WIP 01
Concept WIP 02
Concept WIP 03
Concept WIP 04
Concept WIP 05

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Soundtrack Commission

Knowing a few people who work within the art form of sound, i felt it was appropriate for my third year projects to commission an artist to work on sound, allowing me more time to work on visuals. Not only is this a move to save time, but also a move to up the quality of my work, as I'm not a keen sound track designer and know very little about putting one together. So, sending out a few messages to people i managed to get some positive replies. I simply linked them my blog as well as the GreenOctopus blog, with a few basic descriptive lines for the project, and away we go. The 'Briefing' will be held on this Wednesday, where i will further describe some ideas for the project, and from then on will be playing it by ear. Collaborative work can be a very powerful tool for us, as the project will now include ideas of other people towards the project allowing room for originality.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Medicine Shop Thumbnails

Thumbnailing the medicine shop has proven to be quite difficult as there is not any striking stereotype to work with (which is why the laundrette works quite well). However instead i have decided to play about with the shape of the buildings, and try to visualise the building set within its environment, as apposed to them free standing.

Medicine Shop Thumbnail Sketch

Medicine Shop Thumbnail Paint

Friday, 14 October 2011

Scrap Shop Thumbnails

The thumbnail images for the scrap shop buildings. I have tried to develop the shape of the buildings, as apposed to the generic rectangular shaped buildings. I have also worked on the idea of them being stacked on top of each other, which i think so far is working well. I will now move onto thumbnail the medicine shop, and train yard, and then move onto the next stage of the project with some further refined concept art.

Scrap Shop Thumbnail Sketch

Scrap Shop Thumbnail Paint

Monday, 10 October 2011

Saloon Bar Thumbnails

Here's the set of thumbnail sketches i have produced for the saloon bar design. As you can see there all pretty similar in a way as the classic western buildings shapes tend to be quite rectangular and generic. Alan suggested to take a look at various different pieces of machinery from the environments time zone and use the silhouettes of the machinery to extract some different shapes which can then be transcribed into a building shape. I technique i think i will use (to a certain extent), as we want the buildings to still be recognized instantly as classic western.

Saloon Bar Thumbnails Sketch

Saloon Bar ThumbnailsPaint

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Laundrette Thumbnails

As mentioned before me and Sam have split the design aspect of the project straight down the middle, there for leaving each of us with some specific buildings to design. I have began with the laundrette as i felt this was one of the most stereotypical and most mindful to draw. I have tried to design various different building shapes, and took note of the reoccurring themes. For this concept being the idea of the split level shop with a balcony and some walkways between them. With a page of thumbnails completed (which i intend to do for all buildings), i then took them into Photoshop for a quick paint over to add some depth, to allow for better understanding of the buildings.

Laundrette Thumnails Sketch

Laundrette Thumnails Paint

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Another video for its great use of camera movement, pacing, environment animation, and editing.

The Plan

With the go ahead for our project, me and Sam decided it was time to move ahead with the project and work out exactly what we are aiming to create. So after some helpful talks with Phil and Alan, we have worked out what we need to produce and a direction to do so. Alan recommended we should watch Dangerous Days; the making of Blade Runner, for its look on set design as appose to concept design, and the thought process in which we will need to re-create. A very interesting watch as the documentary discusses the rise and falls of the films creating, certainly a watch for any Blade Runner fan.

In discussion with Phil he made us realise that creating the environment is one challenge which can certainly be accomplished, however presenting the work in which we create will be another. A great piece of work can certainly fall to a poor piece of work if presented in the wrong way, which is a path both me and Sam are not interested in taking. Below is a great example of how something rather dull had been turned into a thing of beauty through its presentation alone. The Chapel, an animation produced by LookCreative, is a HDR timelapse short of multiple different shots of an environment, which put together truly transform the derelict chapel into a piece of art. It is the pace, style of shot, and beauty of the animation which are inspiring, and is exactly what we are aiming to produce to present our environment.

With this in mind we are now aiming to produce 4 long shots of animation and around 5 short shots of animation within the environment. The long shots will be around 20 seconds in length, with the short shots being just 2-3 seconds in length. This accounts for about 1:40 of rendered animation, so with the intro and outro the animation will be around 2 minutes long. Each shot will move further into the environment allowing for an interesting view of the entire environment. The purpose of the long shorts are to show the more grand sections of the environment, and the short shots will be there to show detail shots of the environment.

Together we have begun to plan out the environment and work out our pipeline for the project. We have budgeted the next three for pre-production which will take us to the 5 week mark where we will then begin production of the piece. To begin to work out exactly what are environment will look like, Alan mentioned we should create a list of people who would be living in the environment which would in turn give us the buildings which we will need to design. A very helpful step as it allowed for quick development and an idea of how we should lay our environment out. After creating the list, we began work on sketching out the environment so we had a rough idea of size and position of buildings. Below is a re-worked sketch of the environment with a list of buildings within it.

Initial Environment Map
To make full use of our collaboration we decided to number the different buildings which will need to be designed, and go away and design them on our own. This will add extra creative flare to the project as the final design for the environment will be a fusion of both mine and Sam's design ideas. I will be designing the; medicine shop, laundrette, train station, scrap shop, and saloon bar. Sam will be designing the; temple, butchers hop, stables, convenience store, blacksmith workshop, and power source. We have set ourselves the next week to design the basic layout of the buildings including their props, which we will then take into more refined pieces of concept art the following weeks. Overall we are aiming to produce an elaborate design bible for the environment which will include refined concept paintings of the various key points of the environment; the main open street/entrance, the enclosed street, the train/depo yard, and the court yard. It will be an exciting design filled couple of weeks so keep an eye out, weekly posts will be updated as usual on GreenOctopus blog.