Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sound Track Development #02

In response to our art work and reference videos, this secondary sound test produced really starts to push in the same direction. Im really happy with this piece so far, so i look forward to whats coming next. Our next stage will be to produce a basic pre-vis of the town and match some camera shots to the sound test.


  1. I just think it's so exciting, so professional, to be working with composers, creating bespoke scores in response to production drawings - but maybe the Chinese needs to come though a bit more strongly, because I can absolutely see how the detuned piano and harmonic are going to nail the wild west thing beautifully.

  2. Its pretty professional haha. Ok ill let Zack know. Im liking the harmonica and i can imagine the piano will sound great, but maybe some more flutes and such would add to the piece.