Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Soundtrack Commission

Knowing a few people who work within the art form of sound, i felt it was appropriate for my third year projects to commission an artist to work on sound, allowing me more time to work on visuals. Not only is this a move to save time, but also a move to up the quality of my work, as I'm not a keen sound track designer and know very little about putting one together. So, sending out a few messages to people i managed to get some positive replies. I simply linked them my blog as well as the GreenOctopus blog, with a few basic descriptive lines for the project, and away we go. The 'Briefing' will be held on this Wednesday, where i will further describe some ideas for the project, and from then on will be playing it by ear. Collaborative work can be a very powerful tool for us, as the project will now include ideas of other people towards the project allowing room for originality.