Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pre-Viz Begins

Not quite as ellaborate as Sam's pre-viz, but its getting there. I began by laying down the ground plane, and working out the outline of the ground using the top view layout of the town i created as a guide. I then simply added in some cubes to act as buildings, and a rough cliff edge and rock. The next stage will be to work out the exact spacing of the environment, as well as minor changes. One to note being the size of the courtyard/square. I like the idea of the town being quite cramped, as when i think 'china town', a cramped ellaborate town comes to mind. This is why i think Sam's pre-viz of the alley way works very well. I'd like to represent this within the courtyard, but so it still feels like a busy open space. After the sizing of the town is in place, the interesting part of the pre-viz stage will begin - replacing cubes with more detailed buildings.

Pre-Viz 01

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