Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pre-Viz: Overall Cut #01

Using the camera movements that we already had in place, Sam rendered them out for a more readable pre-viz, which i then edited together for a rough overall cut. Even though its rendered its still pretty crude; as i adjusted the timing of each camera movement in PremierePro rather than re-rendering them in Maya. Some shots are still needed here and there, but its pretty hard to get them right as this is just a pre-viz file. The main point of this pre-viz version is was to work out the timing of the animation ready to hand over to Zack, who is working on our soundtrack. So he can match the sound to the shots, and then we can match our shots to his sound. With this pre-viz as reference, its pretty clear to me now where we need the sound to work for us, through out different parts of the environment. The next stage will be to send this over to Zack, with some notes on cues and timing, and work out the final shots of the animation.

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