Friday, 4 November 2011

Pre-Viz: The Street #02

After a fair few different camera angles and playblasts, Ive put together another rough cut for the street part of our animation, i feel this cut is working much more in our favour compared to the previous one. As i think the long shots, slow the animation down and can be quite bland. With a series of short and medium length cuts, with camera angles/pans in all directions, i think portrays a much more easy on the eye animation. Editing the shots so they play in chronological order through out the environment, and so each camera cut is not too far away from the other within the environment world and space, adds extra perception to the environment and its space.


  1. Hey Rich - the shots that really pop here are those that make use of a foreground, midground, background composition, so that our view is occluded - can you engineer it so we're always having that visual experience - that we're always looking past, over and through?

  2. Hey Phil, yeah thats very possible. We need to do a bit of set dressing firstly so we have objects to looks past, and animate still shots with depth of field. But i think the entire piece will make full use of depth of field, to push focus from shot to shot.

    In terms of shot structure do you think this piece is working? I have pushed through the environment shot after shot as if there was a person walking through. So each camera is never too far away from the last shot.