Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Production: Saloon Bar

In the past week i have been working on a range of things needed for the project, however my main focus has been within the saloon bar model. A personal favourite building of mine, so i snagged that one and got on with modelling it. Below we have the near complete model (minor details needed), its pretty high-res in places where it is needed as there will be close up camera shots around this building. However, a lot of the detailing will be created within texturing, the roof being the prime example, the camera will never be anywhere near to roof, so a simple colour/normal map will be sufficient. The planes that lay behind the windows will be cloth and animated for the top middle, with the lower windows being a near see-through cloth, similar to the oriental walls within houses. To save this model falling victim to a perfect/straight/generic cg model, each plank of wood has been offset and curved slightly to replicate a higher sense of reality, and believability. With another minor detail being the slightly lowered decking planks near to door, allowing for degeneration of high traffic walking areas. 

Saloon Bar: Render

Saloon Bar: WireFrame