Wednesday, 9 November 2011

R&D: Lighting and Texturing Test #01

In discussion with Sam, we decided that we will definitely be rendering the animation in Mental Ray, and that we will either be lighting the environment using the Mental Ray Physical Sun & Sky, or using a HDR lighting setup. I created a basic wooden plank texture to use, and so far i have teseted out the HDR lighting which has pleasing results. In the image below the, i have used the high-res version of the shack produced for r&d, applied the simple wooden plank texture, and lit the scene using a HDR image and final gathering. The texture has no bump or spec, and personally i think the lighting is working really well. It will need some further tests to gather the right brightness and colour, but i think its on the way to something spectacular. I havnt been able to work out how to use a normal map with this lighting set-up as of yet, which i guess can not be done as there is not one source of directional light?? The next step will be to light the shack using the Mental Ray Physical Sun & Sky, more to come soon. 

High-Res Shack: HDR Lighting

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