Tuesday, 22 November 2011

R&D: Lighting and Texturing Test #01

In the past week project work has been rather slack due to the hand in of our first draft for the dissertation. All went well on that side, however due to some focused time spent on the dissertation, it was lost on the minor project. Now its time to get back on track and push forward with production. Below we have the finished high-res generic shack with its first coat of textures. The shack has a basic block out colour map assigned to it, and the render is comprised of; HDRI lighting system, no bump/normal, no specular map, but it does have an ambient occlusion layer. Theres some pretty positive outcomes so far, so i can just imagine how good the final render will be, once it has another level of detail within the colour, and a normal/spec map to work in its favour. Some changes that will be made include, the shutters on the window, and the red texture (which is supposed to have a painted wood effect). I textured the base of the shack and the details within it via a UV map within Photoshop, and for the metal panels, i simply created a few tile-able textures, and applied them straight onto the object within Maya. Some variation still needed, but a positive start to the mammoth amount of modelling and texturing that lays before us.

High-Res Shack: HDRI Lighting, Basic Colour Map, Ambient Occlusion

High-Res Shack: UV's

Low-Res Shack: UV's

Generic Shack Tile-able Textures

We have also put together a rough timetable for production, which will be updated every week.

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