Monday, 12 December 2011

Production: A Generic Cactus

Not the most interesting of props to produce, however it was a step up from the trough. Here we have your everyday, generic, low-res cactus. Its got simple geometry and only a 512 texture map, with some noticeable repetitions, however as it will be a background prop this will not be a problem. I nice high-res version is soon to come as this will be one of the focus shots in the animation. Also i have applied a base colour to the most recent generic house that i have produced.

Cactus: HDRI Lighitng, Basic Colour Map, Ambient Occlusion.

Cactus: Model

Cactus: WireFrame

Generic House: Base Colour

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Production: Generic House Set Dress

As we will begin to put together a master file this week, i thought it would be nice to test out a few of the props with a building and see how there working in coallition with each other, and as you can see with this quick test i think there working really well. Soon the world in which we will be creating will be puzzled together piece by piece.

Production: Generic House

I spent the day modelling and laying out the UV's for this generic house. The base model is there, but there are still some minor details which need adding for variation. Such as; some corrugated iron panel's, extra fixings along the walls, and some props surrounding the building, all of which will be added when it comes to set dressing the scene. The Chinese style roof surprisingly took some time to model. As simple as it looks, working out a productive way to achieve such shape, proved to be more difficult than expected. Textures soon to come, once a decent HDRI lighting setup has been finalised, which whilst on the subject, i think i have finally aquired the correct HDR image for the animations environment. The image was taken during dusk in the desert, so the overall colour values and tone of the image may still be too cold, however a simple edit might be needed as this is the closest we can get to replicating the lighting within the correct environment. The image below is just a jpeg version for preview purposes, the one in which we shall be using is very high res and the propper HDRI format.

Generic House: model render.

Generic House: model wireframe.
Desert HDRI

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Little Update

Ive spent the last couple of days mainly working on texturing the saloon bar, but have also modelled and began to texture some props for the environment as well. As the saloon bar is quite a central building within the environment, it needs to be worked on with slightly more detailing than other buildings. So far i have put down a basic colour for the building, i now need to go over it again adding variation to the textures, for example, different colourings on the wood, and dirt. In terms of props, i have modelled a trough, a barrel, and a lantern. 

All of the props have a 512 texture map, with some high-res 1k texture maps for the close up props. The barrel is rendered with a simple colour map, and the trough with a colour, and normal map. The HDRI lighting is still just a rough mock-up for test renders, with a more refined lighting system on its way soon.

Barrel: HDRI lit, colour map, ambient occlusion.

Barrel: model render.

Barrel: model wireframe.

Lantern: model render.

Lantern: model wireframe.

Trough: HDRI lit, colour map, normal map, ambient occlusion.

Trough: model render.

Trough: model wireframe.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Some Visual Reference

Ive recently watched Cowboys and Aliens, and Rango in aid of visual research, and found both films to be stunning - Rango more so than Cowboys and Aliens, but thats simply because its CG. Both films hold a great amount of visual reference, in terms of both art direction, and physical set dressing. Here's a few screen grabs of Cowboys and Aliens, displaying their extensive set design, which creates a great sense of reality within the classic western environment. I would have done the same for Rango, however the whole film is pretty much of great reference.