Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Little Update

Ive spent the last couple of days mainly working on texturing the saloon bar, but have also modelled and began to texture some props for the environment as well. As the saloon bar is quite a central building within the environment, it needs to be worked on with slightly more detailing than other buildings. So far i have put down a basic colour for the building, i now need to go over it again adding variation to the textures, for example, different colourings on the wood, and dirt. In terms of props, i have modelled a trough, a barrel, and a lantern. 

All of the props have a 512 texture map, with some high-res 1k texture maps for the close up props. The barrel is rendered with a simple colour map, and the trough with a colour, and normal map. The HDRI lighting is still just a rough mock-up for test renders, with a more refined lighting system on its way soon.

Barrel: HDRI lit, colour map, ambient occlusion.

Barrel: model render.

Barrel: model wireframe.

Lantern: model render.

Lantern: model wireframe.

Trough: HDRI lit, colour map, normal map, ambient occlusion.

Trough: model render.

Trough: model wireframe.

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