Thursday, 8 December 2011

Production: Generic House

I spent the day modelling and laying out the UV's for this generic house. The base model is there, but there are still some minor details which need adding for variation. Such as; some corrugated iron panel's, extra fixings along the walls, and some props surrounding the building, all of which will be added when it comes to set dressing the scene. The Chinese style roof surprisingly took some time to model. As simple as it looks, working out a productive way to achieve such shape, proved to be more difficult than expected. Textures soon to come, once a decent HDRI lighting setup has been finalised, which whilst on the subject, i think i have finally aquired the correct HDR image for the animations environment. The image was taken during dusk in the desert, so the overall colour values and tone of the image may still be too cold, however a simple edit might be needed as this is the closest we can get to replicating the lighting within the correct environment. The image below is just a jpeg version for preview purposes, the one in which we shall be using is very high res and the propper HDRI format.

Generic House: model render.

Generic House: model wireframe.
Desert HDRI

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