Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Major Project: The end of CG arts & animation

Before the briefing I prepared some initial thoughts and images that would guide the discussion for gathering an idea for this project. As this is the final project before heading out into the real world, my main focus was on developing work that would read well in a portfolio/show reel. So to my joy of reading the brief and discovering its intentions were to do just this - I was very pleased to find out I'm already heading in the right direction. 

My main intention for this project is to create a still image that can be broken down into its key components for use in a show reel. As I will be creating a still image rather than an animation, this allows for an enhanced look into the detail of the image. More time can be effectively spent finalising a design, and mastering it in production - as the worry of render time for an animation will cease to exist.

There are three directions I can see this project heading in, all of which are based on a still image.

The first direction is to create a single image of a scene in an attempt to create the highest sense of realism possible. An idea which developed off of this, is to create a period set of interior images for an environment. Either from the same time period with different rooms, or the same room but from a different time period.

The second direction is to create a single image of either a fantasy based idea, or a one line joke. The fantasy image will head towards gathering a sense of realism, whereas the one line joke will cartoon based.

The third direction is to create 3D illustration based up on narrative. An idea which comes to mind is a concept I began over the summer before second year.  The idea is based on a child perspective of the worst case scenario of what could happen to them if they dared to go to the toilet during the night.

After the briefing and some discussions about the project. It became clear that work which is solely based on realism goes un-noticed, with the technical ability taken for granted. Therefore an idea which is based on style and charisma seems to be the way forward for this project. I find myself leaning towards my third idea, as with around 15 weeks to produce the project, an idea based on narrative seems to be the correct path to take. I hope to create an image which when broken down to its key components, the detail and level of quality are all the same.

A similar project and some of its development can be seen in Fabricio Moraes work on 'Steamnocchio' found on CGSociety.

Within the next week I will finalise an idea and produce a proposal of the project in its most final form ready for the first tutorial, in which I hope to get the go ahead for the project. As well as this i will also be working on branding my work, and creating a sense of professionalism ready for the real world.

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