Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Oriental West

As this project has come to an end, a lot of work has been produced since my last blog post - the most important of all being the finished animation.  It makes sense to post the animation and its making of up rather than a ton of seperate images that i have not perviously blogged. This has been a collaborative project between myself and Sam Hayes, working under the studio of GreenOctopus, which seems to have been about for years now. Overall the project has been tasking, but very enjoyable, and i believe this is shown within the animation and making of. The mammoth task of modelling and texturing the environment, with out a doubt has been the longest part of the project, however viewing the composited stills of the buildings come together really makes it seem worth while. Once production was complete, the task of compositing all the rendered cameras and editing the animation together begun. A part of the project which i feel i have learnt from, in the fact of adding post effects in After Effects, which has never been my strong point, and fixing any errors that may of occured. The part of the project i have learnt most from has to be the HDRI lighting, in combination with the modelling of the animation and the texturing. Also below there are some rendered stills of the animation without post effects such as heat distortion and sand fluids, and the design for the CD and case in which the project was handed in.

**Renders to come soon**

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  1. Magical! particularly the night scenes :] Congrats for having completed it :]