Friday, 3 February 2012

Developing Ideas

Since the briefing I'm not entirely sure which direction i should take this project.  After the briefing and some discussions, its clear that a good style and quirky idea is the way forward, however i still find that an interior environment still is something I'm quite interested in producing. Whatever idea i decide to take forward for this project, either way i will be creating an interior environment. Ive been gathering some reference material for style and art direction. The sense of realism i would like to create lies some where between Pixar's Ratatouille, the recent CGI remake of Tintin, and the image below created by Juan Siquier.

Some other visual reference includes the Defective Detective, and The Lady and the Reaper animations. Both of which have had there fair share of influence on this course so far.

I also like the colour palette and low lighting in the 3D illustration by Michal Kwolek, and Carl Fredrikson's house in Pixar's Up.

Another idea for the project, inspired by the following image Barbershop Bear, by Miguel Alba Gutierrez, is to create a still image of a classic tattoo parlour. My only reservations with this idea is that, other than the composition of the image and the set design, there is not much creative design work as it will rely heavily on real life reference, similar to the living room in my transcription project (which i feel was successful). The realism of this piece would be fairly high, so thinking back to the briefing, with the idea that technical capability is taken for granted - this idea has no firm sense of style, as it would be a recreation of a real life scene. 

However i do feel there is space for a very nice still image of an interior environment such as this one, as its period set, has a design element to it, and it not your everyday architectural image of interior housing.

This post has narrowed my project down to two very different but main ideas, both of which are the premise for a good project, but now its time to choose one.

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