Monday, 20 February 2012

Little Girl Character Design #01 - Initial Sketch's

Here are the initial sketch's for the little girl character of the project. I have attempted to keep the sketch's very loose and all based around the same design. The main purpose of these sketch's was to figure out the proportions of the character, and an artistic style to follow. The character needs to appeal cute and innocent to capture the emotion of the illustration, which will also aid in the synopsis of the piece - the idea that children are scared of the dark. The age of the little girl is also a factor to consider in the design, as it will need to relate to the general age in which the fear of the dark, and sleeping alone begins in a childs life.

The age of the little girl is about 3-4 years old, this enables for a believable role in terms of the synopsis, and is a good age for applying the cute factor. To create the character i have been following the guidelines that the characters body is twice the size of the head, with in some cases half a size more, and the head is generally oversized slightly. The facial features of the character are exagerated, and the face of the character sits quite low on the head. 

These sketch's show a range of style, and different types of the same character. I am most pleased with the third set of drawings as they are the more resolved set, but in particular i am pleased with the middle character. After this sketch i then moved on to produce two more, which would focus on raising the age of the character by a year or so - which appeared not to work. Now the basic character sketch is in place i can further resolve the design up on answering the previous environment and setting questions posted below.

Initial Sketches - Set 01
Initial Sketches - Set 02
Initial Sketches - Set 03


  1. love these, Rich - faves are set 3, 2nd from the left, set 2 second from the left, and set 1, fourth from the left...

  2. i really like set 1, fourth from the left and set 3, first and second.