Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Girl Character Design #04 - Near Final

As the little girl within the illustration will be wearing a night gown, which will be created using nCloth, i have decided to create a near final turn around which maps out the little girls body underneath the clothing. Its pretty close to being final, however there are a few proportion issues, and some body parts which need to be figured out. Reference images pending - as you can guess its pretty difficult to get reference for a child's body. Along side this issue, the design needs to be well balanced between style and realism. As you can see in my influence map for the little girl character, there is a certain balance between realism and style which i would like achieve in my character. This is easily achievable in the clothed character, however in the nude one all the body parts need to be mapped together in a realistic fashion, which also replicates the design of the clothed character.

On a side note from the character, i have also decided on a title and design for the project branding. The name 'Dont Go to the Toilet at Night', may seem long and a bit wordy, however it is supposed to represent a child's manner of opinion. The font itself is one from the 50's which i feel represents the perfect balance between horror and play school - aided by the off kilter, and slightly random sized letters. The added cracks in the text, and the worn out wallpaper in the background, also hopefully aid in the horror-esque sense that should apparent within the work.

Near Final Turn Around
Selected Project Brand

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