Friday, 24 February 2012

Project Branding #01

Recently Ive been working on some branding for the project, I'm still not sure on the name, although some experimentation within the text has been aiding in the decision. I quite like the first font as it represents the type of font used in the 50's. The second set of fonts display a more imaginative, dream type effect, where as the last set of font display a more toon like B-movie effect. I can see myself pushing forward with the first font, however a name still needs to be selected. 

'A Child's Imagination' is based on the idea of the project, which is a scenario seen through the eyes of a child. Where as 'Dont go to the Toilet at Night' is the actual scenario imagined by a child. I feel the first font has a dream like aesthetic, and the added cracks in the text add a sense of horror, along with the off kilter and sized lettering which add a child like sense.

Project Branding Ideas

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