Friday, 10 February 2012

Tutorial #01

For my first tutorial of the project i approached it with a straight sense of direction, and a clear but concise proposal which can be seen in the post below. As i have approached the project with a previous concept, the basic idea is already in place, however some work around the idea of the piece, and some further development has been needed. To aid in the visual understanding of my project i have produced some influence maps which show a direction for the idea, the character, and the environment. Some interesting points on the project premise and some further ideas were raised, all of which will be taken into account ready for the next tutorial. This first tutorial has been of great value to the project as it has enabled me to further ground my idea, and allow me to move onto the concept stage. 

As you can see the influence maps show a rather mixed message in terms of visual direction. There is still a ton of decisions to work out, such as the overall art direction, and the time period of the environment and character - all of which will be developed up on and figured out within the next few posts. On a side note, a similar concept to my idea can be seen below, a set of illustrations which display the world through a child's perspective. They all share a sense of naivety and creativity which i hope to create in my illustration.

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