Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tutorial #03

Today's tutorial was very helpful in gathering an idea of the hurdles that i will need to overcome for this project. This was helpful as it gave me an idea of where to go next, and what to think about before i come to doing them, some key points were the technical aspects of the project such as; how to create the little girls hair, how to light the scene, and how to render the scene. Before i begin production it is clear that there is still plenty of work to produce, however after today's tutorial some reassurance set it, and i now feel I'm on a steady path to a successful major project. 

To finish off the pre-production stage of the project i need to produce; a finalised character with supporting art work, an accurate environment period set to the 50's which also matches the style put in place by the design of the character, and a simple design for the tentacle within the illustration - a fairly simple task as i want it to have an instantly recognisable effect on the viewer. 

Some tasks that i will need to complete in production, which were mentioned in the tutorial include:


Sub surface scattering, for a more realistic yet stylised image.

A system for creating the hair, some idea were discussed along the lines of maya hair in combination with modelled nurb surface hair, and the maya shave and haircut plugin.


Well crafted models with a high level of quality throughout.

A lighting setup, depending on how the character is textured, in combination with the hair.

Render layers/passes, i.e breaking down the scene for maximum control.

There is a lot of work to be done and a lot of production work that needs to be figured out during the r&d stage of the project. I plan on completing the pre-production stage of the project by the next tutorial, which will allow me to move into production where it will be full steam ahead,

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