Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Featured in 3DArtist

The Oriental West, mine and Sam's minor project has been featured in this months issue of 3DArtist. After 15 weeks working on the project, it feels good to get some recognition in the industry outside of the university. Now lets hope the current project can do the same :)

The Oriental West in 3DArtist

Monday, 26 March 2012

Character Production #01

Its been a while since the last update, but a lot has been happening since then. Production has began on the project whilst the concept stage comes to the end. With the character fully designed, i now need to finalise the environment, and paint a 2D illustration that i will be replicating in 3D. The basic model for the character is now in place with just the hair, and her night dress to model. Although some areas of the basic model need tweaking; such as the finger need thickening, the toes need sorting, she needs some eye lids, the cheeks need smoothing, the nostrils need to be made smaller, and possibly some finger and toe nails need modelling.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Environment Design #03 - Bathroom Concept #02

Here's the 3/4 view, and developed design for the bathroom. I think the colour palette and the size of the bathroom is really working now, and it matches the top view concept quite well. Some developed prop work is soon to come.

Bathroom Environment - Developed Concept

Environment Design #02 - Top View Concept #01

Here's my second attempt at designing the environment for the scene. I decided to create a birds eye view concept for the environment as it will aid in the understanding of the spacial awareness within the scene. I have also tried to design the environment with the position of the camera in mind, and have designed the lay out of the bathroom so it has and ideal composition to match what will be seen through the camera. I think the size of the bathroom is at a suitable size now as it is smaller which will allow for more of the environment to be seen, with the length of the hall way allowing for the depth needed for the composition of the image to work.

Environment - Top View

Friday, 9 March 2012

Environment Design #01 - Bathroom Concept #01

Here's the initial concept for the bathroom, Ive tried to keep it loose and simple so i can work quickly work on various different designs. Below i have tried to capture the essence of the 50's but in a contemporary set. I like the colour palette but i believe its a tad too generic and modern, which i believe can be solved with a more grand bathroom design. I have also began production in modelling the little girl. So far the basic head shape is blocked in with a slightly developed face, a post will be up soon. In other news i will shortly be working on the project/personal branding, some interesting ideas are floating about for both of them.

Bathroom Environment - Initial Concept

Monday, 5 March 2012

Little Girl Character Design #07 - Concept #02

Another concept painting for the little girl character. I feel as though I'm really understanding this character now, allowing me to move onto the design for the environment. Along side the environment i will begin the production stage of the project for the character as the design is in its final stages. Some r&d work will also be produced as there are many technical aspects to the project which i am still unaware of how to create, all of which will be discussed in the next tutorial. 

Little Girl Cookie Jar Concept