Thursday, 12 April 2012

Branding #02

A side from production i have also worked on some personal branding, to prepare myself for the real world of CGI. I have been working on a design for a business card that people will remember, which doubles a way of giving people my contact details, a mini CV and portfolio. Below is a dummy version of what the card will look like, so there are a few typos and the folds have been scored slightly of but the general idea is there. You can also see the final design for the card which should be batch printed soon.

Dummy Card
Business Card Design


  1. In my opinion the writing about yourself should be slightly different, dont mention about you are a student because when you are about to apply for those jobs you wont be anymore. so it will save you some money and dont have to be printing stuff twice.

  2. Agreed, switch the student focus to a professional one.

  3. I would also suggest you change the text size / format. Possibly less text even. At the moment its overpowering your design. Look at the last two photos of your card unfolding (dummy card image / right). The text spacing is too close to edge of the card and the images. Its very dominant - Simplify.