Sunday, 1 April 2012

Character Production #02 - Near Complete Model

With production well on its way, the character of the illustration (the little girl) is in its near complete model stage of its pipeline. Since the last update on the character i have added the toe/finger nails, smoothed the geometry in the face, modelled the nightie, added in some rough eyelashes which will be further refined within the texturing stage of the pipeline. I also began work on the hair, although after a few hours of attempting to rough it in with geometry, i was going now where. Since the start of the project i imagined the character to have dynamic hair, which would be created via the Maya hair system, however i stumbled up on an image which can be seen below, which i thought would work really well for the illustration, and overall style of the piece. Once the hair was modelled, i would then have to reposition it once the character had been rigged and posed, so i made more sense to go back to my initial idea of using dynamic hair.

Near Complete Model
Geometry Hair
Moving on from failing to create the little girls hair, i then decided to take an overall look of the characters silhouette, a stage that i missed in pre-production. Overall I'm pleased with the out come of the character so far, the character profile is my favourite part in the silhouette as i feel is displays the age of the character well, however some parts of the character than will need working on include; her alien like bulging eyes, and the curves of her body as they appear too developed for a child of her age.

Character Silhouette
I have also re-worked the name of the project, going from 'Dont go to the toilet at night', to a more refined, easy to say, straight to the point 'The Toilet Terror'.

Project Brand

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