Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Character Production #04 - Pose Test

Over the last couple of weeks since the interim critique i have been working on a mixed bag of subjects to complete my 3D illustration. My main focus now is to complete the modelling of the project which involves the completion of the environment, and setting up the composition for the illustration by posing the character and tentacle. The tentacle is fully rigged and ready to be posed, with the character on its way.

I have prepped the character for rigging by laying out the UV's, deleting history, and making some final adjustments to the model. I have decided now not to use nCloth as i believe it will become some what of a hindrance in the pipeline of posing the character. Instead i will bind the night dress to the arms and legs, and will cut out the torso. I have also added some seem lines along the night dress to make the more seem less, a stage i was going to create in texturing the model, however is seemed just as easy to model them.

For the pose test i created a simple set of joints and a very basic IK setup on the legs. I then smooth binded the joints to the geometry and without any adjustments to the weights of the bind i then rotated the joints into position. This test enabled me to work out the positioning of the joints, and how much of the model needs to be skinned in the proper fashion. The next stage of the character pipeline will be to bind to body to the joints correctly, and to create a facial expression via wire deformers and blendshapes.

Character UV's
Night Dress Seem 1
Night Dress Seem 2
Night Dress Seem 3
Character Pose Model
Pose Test 01
Pose Test 02
Pose Test

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  1. I would tilt her head somewhat.. And obviously with an expression it will be clear how well it is working. Also, make sure the elbows are not collapsing