Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tentacle Production #01

The production of the tentacle in my mind has was always going to be interesting as it has involved various different techniques within Maya that i do not use on a regular basis, and some techniques that i am yet to use, some of which include sub surface scattering, and the possibility the Maya to Mudbox pipeline. Another interesting area of the tentacles production will be the texturing stage, achieving a wet look via render layers could be quite fun. As you can see below the modelling stage is on its way, but the only image that is final is the WIP 02, as the rest has been a test to develop a pipeline of how to create the tentacle. 

To create the tentacle for this test i simply duplicated the section of four suckers, and capped the end. I then had to taper the tentacle so if was wider one end and thinner on the other, i was always going to produce the tentacle this way - however i did not realise that the suckers underneath would be stretched and thinned out of proportion. To achieve the result seen in WIP 05, i still used a lattice, but instead raised the number of lattice points, and scaled each one separately, moving into position, then shifting the lattice points back up the model to squash the suckers back into place. A rather tedious task, but still one which works - plus it also added some irregularity within the suckers shape and the curve of the tentacle which aid in creating a less low budget CG look.

I then applied some non linear deformers (twist & curve) to attempt to achieve a naturally curved tentacle. I only spent around 5 minutes playing with this, but I'm sure after some further adjustments and some rather tedious work, this pipeline of posing the tentacle may work. The next stage of the tentacle production will be to model a final tentacle, lay out the UV's and attempt to pose the tentacle via a rigged system.

Tentacle - Non Linear Deformers 01
Tentacle - Non Linear Deformers 02
Tentacle WIP01
Tentacle WIP02
Tentacle WIP03
Tentacle WIP04
Tentacle WIP05

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