Friday, 20 April 2012

Tentacle Production #02

After some r&d into the production of the tentacle (as seen in a previous post), i have now moved onto produce the final model for the tentacle, which is now in the early stage of its rigging and posing process. After some earlier tests looking at how the geometry would deform using nonlinear deformers i discovered that the topology for the tentacle would deform well. I then went onto create a set of joints for the tentacle and begin the binding process. The tedious task of painting weights for all the suckers soon made it clear that this wasn't the way forward in the pipeline for creating the tentacle. After a short break and some advice, i was then directed to rig the tentacle using a lattice deformer, which i had used before, and then create the joints and bind to two together - a much more simple task to complete in comparison to painting weights. As you can see in the images below this technique will work very well as there is a lack of deformation within the geometry. Now its onto creating a set of controls for joints so i can pose the tentacle in a more art directed fashion, which will then be followed by the creation of the texture via sub surface scattering.

Tentacle Model
Tentacle UV's/WireFrame
Tentacle Sub-D Preview
Tentacle Rig (Without Controls)
Tentacle Pose Test
On a side note from production i have also been working on the 2D concept which i will then be translating into 3D. A rough line work has been proudced, and some of the little girl in the scene has been painted. The next stage will be to complete the environment and then work on the lighting within the piece.

2D Illustration
I have also commisioned an illustrater friend of mine Rake to create a quick poster for the project, with the key theme being the general idea that has been driving the project, which is a horror illustration through the imagination of a child.

The Toilet Terror Illustration

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