Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Character Production #06 - Facial Expression

Recently i have been working on the characters night dress again, as i noticed some texture stretching which was due to the topology of the model. Once complete i was then able to move onto create the facial expression for the character - which was achieved via some wire deformers and some blend shapes. The next stage of the character will be to finally pose her in the environment, and to create the shader for her skin, and the hair - which I'm most looking forward to. As everyone will know, the deadline week has begun, which means its busy times ahead. A lot of work will slowly be pieced together over the next couple of days, then in time the final illustration. Along side the character work i have also done some minor work on the environment. I have added some more props which fill up the scene and make it seem more believable as a bathroom, some possible props to come include; a tooth brush cup on the window sill, a soap/holder on the wall, and a door.

Characrer Pose Render
Character Face Blend Shape Set-up
Character Wire Deformers
Character Blend Shapes
New Character Night Dress Topology
Environment Update

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