Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Character Production #07 - Pose Test II

With the character fully skinned i have begun the process of posing her and bringing her and the environment together. However whilst taking a quick test render for the blog, maya decided not to give me a save option, and wrote over a the WIP file for the pose. Though there is no time to worry, so i will swiftly move onto create another pose. I have also set up the character in the scene to get a rough idea of how to pose the character in relation to the composition of the image. There is a very rough render below with no lighting set-up created for the character, and just a basic lighting lambert applied. This has allowed me to see where some faults lie within the pose of the character.

Character Pose Render
Character + Environment Pose Render

I have now re-posed the character. Some minor tweaks to the joints are still needed, such as the finger placement. Then the next stage will be to delete the joints, separate the geometry and use some lattice deformers to further pose/correct the character.

Character Re-Pose

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